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Anime News for gamers

Title: Anime News for gamers
URL: https://desunegaming.com/
Description: For decades anime was only the domain of die-hard genre fans or people willing to hunt down rare, imported, VHS tapes to get their animation fix. Today, thanks to expanded licensing that brought more series to American shores, anime is bigger than ever. Maybe you caught Princess Mononoke when it made an end-of-year list or saw a stray episode of Dragon Ball Z on TV. But what is anime, and how did it get so popular? Whether you’re a longtime fan or a neophyte looking to get your feet wet, every anime fan probably has a few questions about its history. Here’s a guide to the magical animated world of giant robots, giggling magic users, and post-apocalyptic chaos. By the time you’re fully acquainted with anime, Senpai will notice you for sure.