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Title: TalousOpas
URL: http://www.talousopas.com/
Description: Don't go shopping without a shopping list! For example, by designing an entire menu for one week at a time and staying in the list of items in the shopping list, impulse purchases are kept to a minimum and unnecessary items are not captured by the cart. In addition to design, you should go to the grocery store with a full stomach. For real. While many think of the idea of ??being a cliché, the truth is that it is not good to go shopping for hungry. Many will only look at the price, even if it doesn't tell the whole truth. Often, small packages are much more expensive per kilo than large packages. This is often the case for meat, coffee, vegetables, detergents, toilet paper and many other products. The price per kilo tells you much better how much you can eat with your money. In addition, the comparison of different products - for example, Kassler vs. Chicken vs. Minced beef versus beef - is much more accurate on the basis of the price per kilogram. However, be sure to take into account the price of any bones contained in the meat at the price per kilogram. For example, chicken legs may not provide as much filler to the stomach, even if the kilo price is tolerable. Naturally, cooking itself is much cheaper than dining at restaurants, searching for fast food or using transport services such as Wolt or Foodora. Please note that cooking yourself does not mean warming up your meal. In general, ready meals are not cheap in relation to the amount of food. Prepare the food yourself and choose dishes that are relatively inexpensive: for example, noodles, pasta, rice and minced meat sauce, sauce or chicken. The macaroni box is also a good and inexpensive option. Soups are also usually inexpensive and tasty. Try, for example, a dressing gown, a muscle cushion or a pea soup. The weight box is of course a legendary choice! Making one-time high doses saves time and money. Foods that are left over can always freeze - boxes and fits are suitable for freezing. At the same time, you make sure that the food does not spoil when you prepare them properly and store them properly in the freezer. In addition, time is saved when you do not need to cook separately each day. The big cot is retained in the refrigerator for several days and tastes good when heated with a micron.