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Best games and accessories for Nintendo switch

Title: Best games and accessories for Nintendo switch
URL: https://www.optimizedlife.com/nintendo-switch-ultimate-guide-to-the-best-games-and-accessories/
Description: What is Nintendo Switch? The Nintendo Switch is a gaming system that is similar to the Wii. However, there are many things Nintendo has done to make the Switch awesome. The Switch came out in 2017 and was just in time for Nintendo after taking a huge hit financially in 2014 due to the decline of Wii U sales and other mobile gaming competition. The Nintendo Switch was designed as a way to rebrand Nintendo and targeted as a way to play one game in a few different modes. Because of this, “it is the only gaming system that lets you play the games you want, wherever you are, however you like.” These modes include tabletop mode, TV mode, and handheld mode. Nintendo Switch is designed to transform from a home gaming console to a portable system in seconds. When Nintendo Switch first launched, they expected to do 2 million in the first month but they actually sold 3 million in the first month after they launched the Switch! Needless to say, it was “on and poppin” after that! The Switch itself comes with a few goodies in the box but if you want extra, you have to know what to get. Nintendo makes some really cool accessories but third-party add-ons have added a whole new gaming experience and the best part is most of them are super cheap! We have put together the top 7 best Nintendo Switch accessories you must try to Optimize your gaming experience. All The Accessories! Glass Screen Protector Screen Protectors Switch Trust me when I say, you NEED a screen protector. Try glass screen protectors. They offer clear, bubble-free and scratch-resistant protection for your Switch. They come with two just in case you need a spare and you eventually will.