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그래프 사이트

Title: 그래프 사이트
URL: https://www.graphsite-ko.com/
Description: Korea version for the Bustabit graph game: Bustabit offers a very, very thin house edge. All payout rates experience a house edge between 0-1%. With a bit of luck and decent bet manipulation, there is a very real possibility that players can profit. The real profit, however, lies in the bonuses. A common saying at Bustabit is 99% luck, 1% skill. The 1% skill on Bustabit applies to the bonuses. with bonuses, players can expect to earn an additional 1-5% on all bets. Bonuses are cuts of house edge that are redistributed to the players. These bonuses reward the players who cash out later than the majority each round. By strategically placing your bets against others active at the time, players can consistently earn a bonus on top of their wins, giving them a positive house edge and allowing them to profit. Outside of the house edge, another aspect of Bustabit that makes it worthwhile to play on is the suspense. Each round is quick, heated, and risky. As the round continues for longer and longer, players watch the value of their bets increasing exponentially, and must decide whether to continue to increase their bet or cash out before the graph busts and they lose it all. Every round is exciting, and I have personally gotten out of my seat and screamed at my computer monitor on several occasions, rooting for or cursing the graph.