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Title: PUBG
URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.livestream.pubg
Description: You can now Enjoy and Learn Tricks from Pro Gamers by watching live streaming and Videos of their games. This app allows users to: 1. Watch Live Streams of Gamers from across the world 2. Watch Highlights/Video of Live Streams. 3. Watch short clips to view critical moments in the game. Newcomers who don’t religiously monitor video game trends can grok the beginning, middle and end of their first match. Players float onto an island, raid vaguely Eastern European towns or dusty ramshackle forts for randomized gear, and stay within the confines of an electric blue circle that slowly shrinks the map from miles of open terrain to a single square foot, forcing all survivors into the limited safe space. Along the way to the center of the circle, the player eliminates the competition — or allows it to fight amongst itself. Whether the player is sniping from a distant cliff, going house to house with a shotgun or simply hiding in the brush, the number of survivors will inevitably tick down as the blue circle pushes them into a spot like a giant trash compactor of conflict. A few hours into Battlegrounds, you get the sneaking sensation that everything, even the smallest detail, has a purpose. For example, every door is closed when a match begins, so doors exist as doors, but when spotted open, also serve as warnings that you aren’t the first person to arrive at a home. Military bases and cities house powerful weapons, but that attracts more players, and thus more conflict. For a time, high-level players began to memorize the direction in which cars would be parked by default, so they could tell an untouched vehicle from a honeypot. The more you play, the more you learn how to speak Battlegrounds.